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[06-06-23] Manatee County Teacher in Critical Condition After Tragic Accident

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – A Freedom Elementary School teacher is fighting for his life after being struck while crossing the road in downtown St Petersburg on Saturday night.

Jeffrey, Ariane and Emily Wilson were walking in the crosswalk when a car came around the corner and hit both Jeffrey and Ariane.

Ariane was hit by the front right of the car by the head light. She has a few cracked ribs, head contusion, torn ligaments and tissue in her right shoulder and some left ankle issues.

Jeffrey took a direct hit from the front center of the car, rolling on to the hood and back on to the ground. He suffered a severe head injury and was unresponsive at the scene. He was taken to trauma unit ICU at Bayfront Medical Center with multiple brain bleeds, brain swelling, herniated in to his spinal column.

The latest update posted on Freedom Elementary School’s Facebook page says “[Jeffrey] no longer has brain activity. He is getting no treatment at this time and we are told he is pain free. I have a verbal order to ‘do not resuscitate.’ We are waiting on the Organ Team to start the process.”

Dr. Guy Grimes, the principal of Freedom Elementary School, is asking the Freedom Elementary School community to write a prayer or note to the Wilson’s attached to a small flag. They will place these flags in the school’s courtyard and give it to the family when they get home. The flags and materials needed will be under the covered area by the office doors.

ABC7 will update the story as more information is received.

Source : Bay News 9

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