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What are Trusts and How to Plan Them?

What are Trusts and How to Plan Them?

Estate planning is a process that covers a large range of organizing, arrangements and cataloging for handling your affairs when you pass away.
Dynasty Trusts

Dynasty Trusts

In Pinellas County Florida, a properly structured Dynasty Trust can last for up to 360 years, that’s more than fifteen generations.
How to Choose a Trustee

How to Choose a Trustee

Choosing a Trustee to oversee a beneficiary’s inheritance following your death is an important estate planning decision to be made.
Trust vs. Will – Which is right for you

Trust vs. Will – Which Is Right for You?

One of the most fundamental questions I help clients answer is what should serve as the foundation of their estate plan: a Will or a Trust?
Power of Attorney Pitfalls & Pointers FAQ's

Power of Attorney Pitfalls & Pointers FAQ’s

Recently I’ve come across several “durable powers of attorney” prepared by lawyers who do not regularly practice in estate planning or elder law. In some instances, the power of attorney does not allow the agent to perform certain acts that the principal intended; in others, improper execution renders the document entirely invalid. Presumably, this is because the preparer of the power of attorney is not familiar with the major overhaul Chapter 709 of the Florida Statutes underwent in 2011.

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