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Clearwater Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate Litigation in Clearwater

You can rely on our skilled Clearwater real estate lawyers to represent your interests in issues involving:

  • land use
  • zoning
  • variances
  • special exceptions and conditional uses
  • processing and defending mortgage foreclosures
  • quiet title actions
  • residential and commercial landlord/tenant actions
  • title and boundary disputes
  • adverse possession
  • easement disputes
  • eminent domain and property rights litigation
  • broker’s commissions
  • contract enforcement

Clearwater Real Estate Transactions

Our Clearwater real estate lawyers are experienced in handling both residential and commercial real estate transactions and closings. Real estate transactions begin with negotiating the contract. Contract negotiation is quite possibly the most important aspect of a real estate transaction as it sets the framework, rights and obligations of the parties for the entire deal. Our experienced real estate lawyers can assist buyers and sellers of commercial real estate with every component of the transaction including financing, environmental due diligence, and ultimately the closing.

The Clearwater Real Estate Lawyers of Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. Specialize in the Following Practice Areas

Commercial Real Estate Closings & Title Insurance in Clearwater, FL

Our real estate lawyers are experienced in handling commercial real estate closings and issuing title insurance. We recommend that both buyers and sellers in commercial real estate transactions be represented by experienced legal counsel. The documents you will sign at a commercial real estate closing will be voluminous and complex. A real estate lawyer will have the ability to explain each document to you so that you understand the obligations you are undertaking. Generally, the seller of commercial real estate is the party that chooses which entity will handle the closing. We always recommend that you engage a law firm to close your transaction so that if a problem arises your legal counsel will have the ability and expertise to find a solution.

Clearwater Residential Real Estate Closings & Title Insurance

Purchasing and selling residential real estate is generally one of the biggest transactions most people will ever undertake. However, many individuals do not consider engaging a real estate lawyer to represent them in the transaction. Our office offers affordable flat rates for Buyer representation in residential real estate closings. Our real estate lawyers are also experienced in handling the closing for sellers of residential real estate. Whatever your need in a residential real estate transaction, our residential real estate closing & title insurance attorneys are ready to assist you at a price that will not break the bank.

Commercial Lending and Borrowing in Clearwater, FL

Our real estate lawyers frequently assist lenders who loan funds that are secured by commercial real estate. Our office can assist with due diligence, prepare all of the loan documents, and close the transaction. An added benefit is that our real estate lawyers can close loans on a quick time frame. If you are considering lending money secured by commercial real estate please consider engaging our experienced commercial lending and borrowing attorneys.

Asset Protection for Real Estate in Clearwater, FL

You recently purchased or are considering the purchase of real estate. What steps are you going to take to protect your investment? The answer to this question depends on your intended use of your newly acquired property. Some questions to consider are:

  • Will the property be your homestead?
  • Are you planning to rent the property out?
  • How does this property fit into your estate planning?

The answers to these questions and countless other considerations will determine if you should hold your property in a Limited Liability Company, a Trust, a Land Trust, or a Corporation. We recommend that you arrange a consultation with our experienced asset protection attorneys before you close on your transaction so that you can ensure that you investment is protected.

Commercial Real Estate Contracts in Clearwater

Negotiating and drafting a commercial real estate transaction is incredibly complex. The nature of what is included in the transaction will dictate what should be included in the contract. Many times, the parties to commercial real estate transactions are sophisticated and represented by experienced legal counsel. Things to consider when drafting or negotiating a commercial real estate contract are:

  • What due diligence is required?
  • Are there environmental issues with the Property?
  • Are there any rights to extensions or other options that should be included?
  • How much earnest money will be deposited?
  • Are any additional deposits required at any time?
  • What other contingencies are included in the contract?

The answer to these questions are anything but obvious and require thorough consideration. An experienced commercial real estate lawyer will have the ability to assist you in navigating and negotiating the commercial real estate contract.

Clearwater Commercial and Residential Real Estate Leases

Our experienced real estate lawyers can assist both landlords and tenants with drafting and reviewing commercial leases and residential leases. There are many complex components of a lease agreement. Our Clearwater real estate lawyers assist clients in understanding these complex issues and can help negotiate the best possible deal. Before signing a lease, contact our attorneys to make sure your interests are represented and protected.

Eviction Services in Clearwater, FL

Our real estate lawyers are experienced in the complexities of Florida landlord-tenant law. We have the ability to represent both landlords and tenants in eviction cases and we will help each party obtain the best possible result. For landlords, the goal is often to get the property back in the most expedient and cost effective manner. Our office has an efficient system for prosecuting eviction cases which ensures that time is not wasted.

Mortgage Foreclosure Law

Florida mortgage foreclosure law is a complicated and confusing area of practice. Our real estate lawyers assist both lenders and borrowers in mortgage foreclosure litigation. For lenders, we are able to offer competitive rates that will bring your case to resolution without costing you a fortune. For borrowers, our experienced real estate attorneys will review every aspect of the loan to make sure that lenders have complied with all of their obligations. Borrowers also receive the added benefit of being able to stay in their home while we fight on their behalf.

Preparation of Deeds, Mortgages, and other Documents

Here is a common scenario: I am ready to close on the sale or purchase of a residential property. It is the day of closing and something comes up last minute: we need a quitclaim deed, a power of attorney, post-closing lease agreement, or other agreement to close. Non-attorney title companies do not have the ability to draft these documents for you. You will need to engage the services of a real estate lawyer to close on time. Our office offers preparation of deeds, mortgages, and other documents at competitive flat rates with a quick turnaround so you can close your deal on time.

Real Estate Development Services

Our Clearwater real estate lawyers are experienced in assisting real estate developers with their legal needs. Some services we offer our developers are: drafting of contracts, condominium documents, bylaws, entity formation, asset protection, loan negotiations, and closings. We also offer services that assist Developer turnover to the HOA or COA. Whatever your need our real estate lawyers are ready to offer experienced legal counsel.

Whether you need an attorney for a simple home closing or a complex development issue, please contact the real estate lawyers of Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. at 727-381-2300. You can rely on us for effective representation and personal service.

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